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USB2IO ● advanced interface device

USB2IO combines various protocol analyzer, data logger, communication interface and embedded functional test platform. Additionally, USB2IO can be used as basic signal generator.
USB2IO — USB to various IO interface device for prototyping and making functional tests of electronic devices more easy and lovely.

● About USB2IO

USB2IO is platform based on Intel® FPGA + ARM® Cortex-M7 MCU. USB2IO device has host PC interface USB 2.0 High speed and 16 IO pins connected to FPGA with nice voltage level range from 1.8V to 3.3V.

16x IO pins (signel ended) also can act as 8x LVDS differential pairs and totally depends on FPGA and MCU firmware.

USB2IO has simple ASCII command interface (over USB virtual COM port) with possibility to upload / download data using binary interface over USB.

Device fully powered by USB. USB2IO device is CE certified.

● Use cases


read / write / scan

I2S audio codec

play / record audio stream

POF Fiber optic transceiver

send/ receive data stream


read / write

Stepper motor

stepper motor driver control

GPIO 16-bit port

Dedicated I / O pins

Digital microphone

data acquisition (audio I2S interface)

Color camera

capture color / monochrome pictures / video from CMOS / CCD sensors

16x I/O waveform generator

16-lines waveform generator with integrated PLL and internal memory

CAN 2.0B / FD

bus logger / communication / gateway

Management Data I/O

communication with Ethernet PHY using MDIO / SMI / MIIM (IEEE 802.3) bus

External memory
32 MBytes, SDRAM
Additional logic
Supported logic levels
1.8V – 3.3V, LVDS 2.5V
Fastest digital signal
300 MHz
Programmable PLL (connected to FPGA) frequency range
10 MHz – 250 MHz
USB Type
2.0 High speed (USB-C connector)
Using USB interface (5V @ 1.5A max)
80 g
100 x 65 x 20 mm

● Software

USB2IO is able to upload firmware during power up from HostPC or use default firmware located in Flash storage.

For working with USB2IO is enough to use simple Python scripts which you can download from this web site. This allow you to use USB2IO device with any Windows, Linux or Mac machine.

Also, for quick start — simple GUI application available.

● Download

User guide

pdf | 1.74 mb

Quick start guide

pdf | 0.26 mb

Automation guide

pdf | 0.5 mb

Programming manual

pdf | 0.5 mb

Python examples

zip | 0.08 mb

Windows GUI application

zip | 2.0 mb


zip | 0.1 mb

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